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Engaging Our Community For Sustainability

Cagliari, Italy – Open Air Exhibition Ami-CA – September – November 2023 – Installation Title: Abacus – Artist: Josto Mura

Art is not simply a creation, it is a catalyst. Immersive and interactive installations like this one, entitled Abacus, make us reflect and inspire us, blurring the lines between reality and art. 

This artistic installation engages us in the delicate balance of our ecosystem, urging us to become a steward, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for sustainability.

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Projects 2024

2050 To People has partnered with academia and is collaborating with the public and private sectors to develop its new project entitled ManiGreen to promote sustainability and inclusion for all.

Ar2gether was celebrated as a Mobility Action Finalist with its first public art project for sustainability at the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK. European Mobility Week is the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility.

Projects 2023

AMI_CA 2023 – Cagliari, Italy. In collaboration with the European Parliament, an open air art exhibition, on land and by sea, focusing on environmental and social sustainability with a full calendar of events for the community at large.

Projects 2022