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Learning Together

Inspiring Our Communities Through Shared Learning and Experience

Sharing knowledge, values ​​​​and skills to participate in decisions about the way we do things individually and collectively, both locally and globally, that will improve our quality of life now by preserving the planet’s wealth for the future.

For this primary goal, we aim to reach out to and engage all citizens and all sectors. Creating a cultural conversation around sustainability will benefit our communities through the transformative impact of learning and sharing.

It is in this way that we generate ideas that enhance social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being in our communities.

Impact themes are our compass for a better future.  Ideas to Impact  demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, discovery and creativity, innovation, inclusiveness and the strength of our diversity.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” To do this United Nations member States created 17 SDGs with the aim of “Peace and Prosperity for People and the Planet”.

Student Learning Programs

A group of talented young women comes together from around  the world to advocate for sustainability to make a positive impact  in the world community.

Social Media Campaigns

We strongly believe that effective visual communication paired with factual sustainability information helps to encourage people to adopt sustainability and inclusion as a way of life.